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30 April 2015

Lukashenko: Belarus will always stand shoulder to shoulder with Russia

MINSK, 30 April (BelTA) – Belarus will always stand shoulder to shoulder with Russia. The statement was made by Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko in his address to the nation and the parliament on 29 April, BelTA has learned.

Both the European Union and the USA understand me when I tell them that if anything happens, Belarus will stand shoulder to shoulder with Russia. It is our ally. Let me quote you an example: do you remember bombing in Iraq? It was claimed that nuclear weapons had been found and Saddam Hussein was hanged. The entire world knew it was unjust, that the United States of America did the wrong thing. But entire Europe and NATO countries backed America because they were allies. Everyone must be told that we have been together with Russia and will always be. No idle talks about Crimea, deviations and adjustments in Belarus' policy can be allowed, stressed the head of state.

The President remarked that there are forces in Russia that would very much like to limit the influence of the Belarusian development model and the influence of Alexander Lukashenko on processes going on in the Russian Federation. There are many people like that and they are starting to put pressure on us everywhere. Don't pay attention to them, it will pass. Some are unhappy that Lukashenko will not be present during the parade in Moscow on 9 May. They claim that the move has been prompted by considerations concerning the presidential election. What nonsense! We and the Russian leadership have agreed that there are only two countries in the world that hold sacred the Great Victory. We have agreed that since Belarus is going to arrange its own parade and festivities, the president has to be with his nation in the country on 9 May. Nobody can replace him in this regard, the commander-in-chief has to review the troops. We will be in Moscow on 8 May and will properly celebrate the Victory anniversary, added Alexander Lukashenko.

Russia has been and will be our key strategic partner. Cooperation with Russia advances consistently and dynamically. Belarusian-Russian relations within the framework of the Union State of Belarus and Russia are at a very high quality level today, the level we have not reached in any other integration association. The creation of joint competitive products by combining the industrial, financial, and marketing potential will make us stronger on international markets and will allow us to decently compete with third countries. Russia is ready for it, said the President.

Alexander Lukashenko also remarked that efforts to further bolster Belarus' interaction with regions of Russia, the enhancement of existing ties with them is an inalienable part of the strategy. It is possible to make this cooperation even more successful by implementing joint projects to create high-tech enterprises, expanding manufacturing cooperation in the production sector, transport, civil engineering, and agriculture, added the head of state.

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